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Allergies come in two basic forms: pollen allergies and food allergies. Each is caused by an immune over-reaction that targets basically harmless material causing inflammation. Inflammation of the mucous membranes causes swelling and leakage of plasma. Histamine release causes itching. There is also a theory that allergies can cause inflammations or abnormal tissue reactions elsewhere in the body. The brain is one example and various problems such as ADD are thought to be caused by food allergies in at least 66% of the cases. Many other problems seem to have an allergic component, also.

Pollen allergies often cause asthma, along with the usual runny nose, itchy eyes and so on. Both conditions indicate a body that needs detoxification and attention to correcting immune dysfunction.
Food allergies are caused when the body reacts to the antigens in food, or when it is allowed to gain access to the bloodstream and cause circulating complexes after combining with antibodies.
Food allergies are reported to be the root of many illnesses.

Allergies; symptoms

* Itchy, red swollen eyes
* Stuffy or runny nose
* Frequent sneezing or cough
* Blisters on the skin
* Dry skin


Neem inhibits allergic reactions when applied to the skin. Neem compounds inhibit the stimulus produced by histamine and may be helpful in skin rashes and bronchial allergy.

Application of a neem-based cream, oil or leaf extract will stop the itching and inflammation of rashes. Neem tea or capsules may be taken internally for allergies to pollen, molds, etc.

Suggested Products: – Neem mist, de-odorized or cold pressed organic neem oil, neem capsules, and leaf granules (for extract)


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