What Is The Best Neem Oil For Plants?

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Neem oil has been in gardening and general health for many years. Today, neem oil is most widely known as an insect and pest repellent.
Neem oil is a thick oil made from the seed of the neem tree. It has a pungent smell many people say smells like garlic or sulfur. The pungent smell indicates that you are utilizing unadulterated and undiluted neem oil. The color of pure cold pressed neem oil can vary depending on multiple factors like the location, preperation process, and time of year.

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Neem is a as a insecticide, fungicide, and miticide. It can help you control and eliminate insects and fungal growth naturally and organically.  The best neem oil for your plants should be cool squeezed neem oil extricated from neem seeds.

Used for centuries in India and Africa, Neem seed oil remains a great choice for the organic gardener. We found the best neem oil for plants.


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We also have a great organic formulation for your garden and indoor plants.  Our Super Neem Oil Plant Spray addresses multiple plant pests at the same time. Super Neem Plant Spray kills bugs that are present on your plants and repels pests, and discourages new pests from making a home on your garden and houseplants.

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