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Organic Neem/Azadirachta Leaf


Neem, Azadirachta is a species of the evergreen tree in the mahogany family that is native to India, Pakistan, and Africa. Also known as Indian Lilac, Nimtree, Village Pharmacy, Heal All, and similar names, Neem has a long history of use in many different applications.


The powdered leaf is used globally for organic pest control and to produce chemical-free fertilizer. Neem leaf powder is also widely used in a variety of natural cosmetics, including soaps, skin lotions, and hair products.


Neem leaf herb is very bitter tasting, pair it with ginger, mint, and/or citrus to make it more palatable.


Cosmetics: The most popular use is in cosmetics formulated to address chronic skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne.


CAUTION: Infants, the elderly, or very ill people should not use neem. Consult your health care provider before beginning use of any herb.




Our information on the use of this herb should never replace the care of a medical doctor. We are not medical professionals and are not claiming to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We are providing information for educational purposes only, based on common and publicly accessible historical information on the herb. You must be 18-years or older to purchase any herb from our store. We recommend that you educate yourself about the use of this herb before purchasing it.


BULK/WHOLESALE: please contact us if you need larger bulk or wholesale orders.


IMPORTANT: the picture of the product in most cases are stock photos of the herb, the product description will be a near accurate description of the herb. Please expect variations in the color of the herb as this is a natural product.



possible health benefits of guava leaves:


  1. They aid in weight loss
  2. They help soothe gastrointestinal issues
  3. They reduce the effects of diabetes
  4. They help fight diseases like tumours
  5. They help heal colds
  6. They reduce the side effects of allergies
  7. They can soothe inflamed gums, oral sores, or mild toothaches (by chewing)
  8. They aid in reducing acne (crushed)
  9. They help with premature aging signs
  10. They can prevent hair loss
  11. They can help control your blood pressure
  12. They can keep your brain healthy
  13. They can keep your thyroid function healthy
  14. They help alleviate constipation
  15. They can help improve your eyesight



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