Neem Cake

Neem Cake is an excellent organic fertilizer. The high azadirachtin content in SuperNeem Neem Cake protects crops against parasite nematodes and enriches the soil. Special grades of neem cake, meet the quarantine regulations of certain countries.  It is also an excellent organic manure. Dual activity as manure and pest repellent. Helps in soil amendment and conditioner. Protect plant roots from nematodes and termites

neem granules

Plasma Neem Cake comes mainly in the form of granules and fine powder. Neem cake is a good basal dressing. Granules may be spread with mechanical devices.

For best results, neem cake must be mixed with other organic fertilizers such as seaweed, kelp and farmyard manure, to an extent of 10% to 15% by weight, and applied. Neem cake promotes, the slow and controlled release of nitrogen.


neem powder

Plasma Neem Cake is the residue obtained from pure neem seed kernels which have been crushed to extract the oil. This cake is an excellent organic fertilizer with high N-P-K values.

Azadirachtin: >500 ppm
Oil content: 6.0% min
Moisture: 9.0% max
Total Ash: 7.5% max
Nitrogen: 4.0% minimum
Phosphorus: 0.5% minimum
K as K20: 0.5% minimum

Application rate:
(kg. per hectare)
200 kgs to 400 kgs per hectare
1 kg for plots of 10 to 15 sq. metre.

(lb per acre)
180 to 360 lbs per acre
2 lb for plots of 100 to 160 sq.ft.

Plasma Neem Cake can also be mixed with organic fertilizers such as bat guano, kelp and inorganic fertilizers (urea and other complex fertilizers) as well to promote the slow release of nitrogen. This facilitates absorption of nitrogen by plants.
Studies have shown that Plasma Neem Cake Granules dosed at 250 kg. per hectare has the efficacy of commercial neem cake at a dosage of 1000 kg. per hectare.


Main benefits

Plasma Plasma Neem Cake protects plants and crops against parasitical nematodes. It enhances crop yield. The fertility of the soil is preserved. This can be seen by an increase in earthworm population in tracts where Plasma Neem cake has been used, quite unlike farms served only by chemical fertilizers. Lawns and golf courses, dosed with Plasma Neem Cake, are healthier and do not require frequent spraying with harmful chemicals.


Special Grade: Certified Free from Soil and extraneous matter

Plasma understands why quarantine regulations in certain countries – notably Australia, are so stringent regarding soil and plant contaminants in neem cake. Soil from different bio systems can contain larvae which have no predatory controls in the host country. Likewise, weeds from a different system may proliferate wildly in the absence of predatory control agents. Animal matter, especially droppings, may contain seeds, maggots and other undesirable contaminants.
Plasma supplies special grades of neem cake that meet these requirements.



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